The setting is in Mesopotamia, a city called Nahor, where a father’s desire has taken his servant to fetch a wife for his son. A vow knits the servant’s action to his master’s purpose. 

This vow had an out clause, but even the servant didn’t want to retreat. Thus, upon arrival to the land of Mesopotamia, he prayed to the LORD God of his master Abraham. A step that is most often overlooked in our present, fast-paced, self-centered, and out-of-step society. His great mission to return with a wife for Isaac was now active, demanding his utmost sensitivity. This day would not only affect his master, but he, a servant. This mission would, as well, affect countless generations to come. In the pressure of the moment, the servant showed his dedication. 

In Genesis chapter 24, the servant “Prays” that God would smile up his mission and show kindness to his master. He was not a self-centered servant, as a self-centered servant is an oxymoron; it contradicts what a servant is. We all should demonstrate the attributes of being a servant of the Most High, Jesus Christ the Righteous. Desiring His will be done and His kingdom to prosper and grow. 

We are all called to be servants. Show me a saint that is not a servant, and I will show you a person of utter disrespect and rebellion, receiving eternal damnation as a reward. On the contrary, show me a saint that is a servant, and I will show you a servant that is no more a servant, but a son; and if a son, then an heir of God through Christ, as referenced in Galatians chapter 4. This passage in Galatians even refers to being adopted into the family of God

Now, back to this “mission” of the servant, standing by the well of water. We, too, stand at the well, not just any well, but “a well of living water“. The servant evidently knew the criteria, because as he was praying, he described a woman with the attributes of a servant’s heart. Before he could even finish speaking his prayer, it came to pass that a beautiful, pure young lady went to the well and began to demonstrate the heart of a servant. 

Can I go a step further and say that the heart of a true mother will have these same attributes? In her old age, Rebekah began to be “weary of her life” when she pondered the consequences of her son taking to wife, one who did not have the attributes of a servant of God. A true-hearted mother is perplexed and disturbed by the bad choices of her children and takes these fears and anxiety to our Father in Heaven. Rebekah had that same royal attribute. She wanted the next generation to prosper, even as their soul prospered.

There is no greater calling than being a saint of the most high God. An attribute of a mother, a servant. In comparison – the church (Jerusalem, the mother of us all) must have this attribute, “a servant’s heart.” She is concerned about the well-being of each and every saint in the church. Rebekah was bid on her journey and referred to as “the mother of thousands of millions.” – Such a beautiful likeness is the true collective church of Jesus Christ, the mother of countless millions. 

May God bless your steps this week.

Pastor Hubbard

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